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Welcome to Vishvas Enterprises, the leading School Furniture Manufacturer in Delhi, India. We specialize in creating top-quality furniture for schools, including Nursery Classroom Furniture, Library Furniture, and laboratory furniture. Additionally, we also manufacture furniture for institutions and classrooms. Our wide range of products includes display boards, blackboards, and swings. Our aim is to provide schools and colleges with furniture that not only enhances the learning environment but also gives it a modern and refreshing look.

We offer a diverse range of display boards suitable for classrooms, school corridors, or school receptions. These boards are not only elegant for showcasing school talent but also serve as a valuable source of information. Additionally, we specialize in crafting premium, long-lasting school furniture. Our expertise and meticulous techniques ensure that our furniture is of the highest quality. Rest assured, our products are designed for long-term usability and are available at affordable prices.

Discover the School Furniture Manufacturers who have their manufacturing unit based in Delhi. We take great care in handpicking our raw materials and ensure their quality through rigorous checks. The wood we use for crafting our furniture is of superior quality and free from any brittleness. We prioritize transparency in our operations and strive to meet our customers' customization requirements. With our furniture, you can expect not only top-notch quality but also a perfect blend of style and the latest trends. Explore School Furniture Manufacturers

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School Furniture Manufacturer

School Furniture Manufacturer

About Vishvas Enterprises

Vishvas Enterprises is a familiar & leading manufacturer in India of Modular and Metal School Furniture, Furniture for Kids School/Nursery School, School Office Furniture, Library & Lab Furniture, Institutional Furniture, School Classroom Furniture, Swings, Display Boards, white Boards etc. Vishvas Enterprises have our own manufacturing unit at the heart of India Delhi. Our School Furniture are beautifully crafted from premium grades of raw material and wood used in the fabrication are highly durable. We are offering many furniture options that accommodate diverse teaching styles in your school and colleges

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Vishvas Enterprises is a rising business in India that specializes in furniture production. The company has a visionary approach and offers a wide range of furniture options. Currently, it focuses on manufacturing Modular and Metal School Furniture, Classroom Furniture, and institutional furniture. Additionally, the company also produces Institutional Furniture, Display Boards, and White Boards. Apart from these products, Vishvas Enterprises also creates other essential furniture items for classrooms. Currently, it manufactures Modular and Metal School Furniture, Classroom Furniture and institutional furniture. Vishvas Enterprises is located in Delhi, the capital of India, and has been providing services since 2011. The manufacturing process is not just a task at this company, but a passion. The team at Vishvas Enterprises puts their heart and years of experience into creating the finest and most qualitative furniture. Only premium-grade raw materials are used, which are carefully selected after a quality check. This ensures that the wood and raw materials used are highly durable, preventing any kind of breakage in the long term.
Our aims to become a reliable choice for the future. With a perfect combination of expertise, customer satisfaction, and high-quality materials, our company offers furniture in various styles that create the perfect classroom environment and leave lasting memories for schools and colleges. Our furniture is designed to accommodate different teaching styles, ensuring adaptability in educational institutions. We prioritize our customers' needs and provide a wide range of furniture options to choose from.

Vishvas Enterprises visions to be trusted for the future. The Enterprises works with an apt blend of experience, customer expectations and quality materials. It brings you furniture of all styles that give the best classroom with some cherishing memories to the entire school or college. Our furniture ensures the adaptability of different teaching styles in schools and colleges. The Enterprises is completely down with its customers' needs. Therefore, there are wide furniture options available for the customers to choose from.

We firmly believes in providing honest and friendly services while aiming for the highest level of success. The company aspires to revolutionize the education industry by making learning a fun and comfortable experience with its top-quality furniture. Their ultimate goal is to transform the outlook of every school and college with the latest and most innovative furniture designs.

WHY School Furniture by VISHVAS Enterprises ?

Choosing Vishvas Enterprises promises you furniture that would stay long and let you create some wonderful school memories. We formulate the best and high-quality technique to manufacture durable furniture. Here are some facts to know why you must select us.


Quality Assurance

We believe in fostering quality assurance as one of our leading manufacturing principles. At Vishvas Enterprises, we provide you with quality-reliable products that are cost-effective too. We ensure that all the products go through rigorous quality checks so that there is maximized use by the customers.


Experienced Team

We have built ourselves to understand the requirements of children art schools. We have a complete and accumulated specialization in the furniture manufacturing sector. Our products are manufactured by an expert team, which looks after every piece of detail. Our experience helps us to ensure that the product serves the right need, aptly and to the maximum.


Standardization on Principles

We carry out our manufacturing with time to time improvisation and based on principles. Our principles include updates on the product, catering to customer needs and prevailing transparency while dealing with customers. We foster the principle of keeping out all the shadows and only improving with our resources and techniques in manufacturing.


Reasonable Price

We completely put the products for our customers at economical prices. This means the manufactured and ranges of furniture are all available at the most cost-effective prices. Additional to this, we also provide discounts for bulk orders. Customers can take back a lot from our store, with quality and in a reasonable amount.


Work in Sync with Goals

We work completely according to our goals. We have been an experienced company for many years, fostering authentic work well and sound. We believe in the support we get and hence leave no stone unturned to provide the best of our every product. We envisage every manufacturing idea within the framework of who we are, and why we started our venture.


Immense Support

We entrust our company with a user-friendly support system. We are always ready to know more about our customers’ needs and guide them in the best direction. We create the best of furniture as per the customers’ specialization. This will also aid us in improving ourselves for the future and providing the best of services. We believe in improvement with unity, and hence we ask for our customers' support to accomplish well.




Happy Clients


Customized Products

Our Projects

Today, Vishvas Enterprises is a leading School Furniture manufacturer in India and has been globally expanding their venture. Starting from the KG-12 Class, colleges, coaching institutions, and administrative departments of different organisations – Vishvas Enterprises provides an impressive array of furniture to all the education enthusiasts.

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We package the products with best services to make you a
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New Series-Kids Furniture

Kids School Furniture- The method of teaching the child must be playful and interesting that will help them to develop social and intellectual skills. Hence we also offer range of custom designed creative play school or kids furniture that helps in educational development of the child while playing.




New Series - Classroom Funriture

We manufacture a wide array of display boards that can be used in classrooms, corridors or at the entrance of the premises to give directions or display other decorative paintings and write-ups. Fabricated using optimum quality raw material, the range of display boards offered by us include White / Black Boards, Display Notice Boards, Pressaim Boards / Gold Sign Boards, Board Stands & Accessories etc.


Executive Chairs

Avail from us premium quality office chairs, which provides the office, a corporate and stylish look. Our range of office chairs are available in host of designs, colors and sizes to befit the choice and requirements of different clients.



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